Other versions

Welcome to 7browsers.com Showing how to browse the web on older Windows versions.

Windows 7 and 8.1

Windows 7 and 8.1 are still supported by most mainstream browsers at this time but as support comes to an end this website will host information about alternative browsers for them. Google has announced that Chrome will support Windows 7 until July 2021. Websites are dropping support for Internet Explorer on these systems so upgrade to another browser. Microsoft has launched a Chromium based version of Microsoft Edge to replace Internet Explorer. It also supports Windows 8.0.

Windows Vista

Most browsers designed for Windows XP will work on Vista but due to the unpopularity of Vista there is not much information online about running Vista past its end of support date. Windows 7 has the same hardware requirements as Vista and has more compatibility but since Windows 7 support has ended consider a full upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 2000 and 9x

The last versions of Firefox to support these operating systems are version 12.0 for Windows 2000 and for Windows 9x. Opera 10.63 also works. Some newer browsers can be ran using the KernelEx compatibility layer (9x, 2000) but even these browsers are old. It is recommended you only visit sites that are specifically designed for older browsers using these versions. Windows 95 doesn’t support KernelEx and can only run Firefox 1.5 and Retrozilla.