Make Google Do a Barrel Roll and 6 Other Crazy Tricks! YouTube Barrel roll, Google tricks, Amazing science facts


Receive a personalized quote and audit of your digital assets today. Get your messages from Google in Bork-bork-bork (Muppet-speak) or Ewmew Fudd (Elmer Fudd-speak) or Klingon, or pirate to add a bit of fun into your day. Language barriers can be broken down with Google’s translator services. A wonderful tool to use when traveling or, in other language-restrictive situations. Google translator, like almost all things Google, is quick, easy-to-use, and powerful. The Easter egg originated in 2011 when a software engineer made it to entertain users.

The new Google easter egg is a tribute to Starfox. So do a barrel roll, in honor of one of the best SNES games ever made. Doing the easter eggs on your Chromebook is very entertaining, and it’s only available in the Google Chrome browser and Chromebook officially.

Atari Breakout is a hidden Google game which turns Google Images into a playable classic arcade video game with a Google twist. SEW reader, Mark, also spotted this Google Easter Egg. Just search “askew” or “tilt” to get a wonky search interface. And if you really dreyer st charles il enjoy fun with JavaScript, head over to Google’s Chrome Experiment site and waste the rest of your work day. If you’re a FRIENDS fan you are going to love this. Just type Joey Tribianni and you will get wikipedia information about him in the right corner.

There are two ways to do a barrel roll on your Chromebook; follow the above-mentioned methods to do a barrel roll. Here’s an easy way to play any number of dice-related games on the fly! Enter the phrase “roll a dice” (or “roll a die”) into the Google search for a virtual dice throwing experience. You can choose from several different die styles and combinations. Click on the blue “roll” button to initiate the dice rolling. Want to see Google colored circles jerkily move their way down your page while you try to click on them?

Just click on the pizza icon in the description box and you will experience Joey coming alive out of nowhere. The webpage will keep rotating until it complete 1000 rotations. This will take you about 16.6 minutes to complete a 1000 barrel roll.

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